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The Hutchinson Municipal Band

is one of the three oldest bands in the state and has provided free concert band musicFacebook to the City of Hutchinson and Reno County since 1875. The charter of Hutchinson and early city ordinances required a military style band be maintained by the city. The Carey family helped persuade the state legislature to pass a bill that gave municipalities the authority to raise a tax exclusively for this purpose, which is the source of the current cultural fund for the City of Hutchinson. The City of Hutchinson has maintained this tax consistently since early this century and now this tax revenue is shared between multiple cultural groups. The Hutchinson Municipal Band today demonstrates the same commitment to community that has been such a strong part of Hutchinson's heritage.

Music as a part of everyday life as well as special events is important to us. We recognize the importance of the band in community events whether it is through our participation in the Memorial Day ceremonies, concerts in the Farmer's Market, or stirring patriotic music during the Fourth of July that gives our community a time to relax together, and reflect on our heritage. We are now routinely included by many organizations in their special events. When groups in the community plan on our musical services for their events, they know that they can count on us to be there with live music if they will contact us via phone or email.


It is the Band's mission to provide quality music free of charge to people of all ages, races and income levels. As part of this mission we also try to reach people who otherwise are unable to hear great music due to limits of their physical ability or residence. A secondary mission is to give people of all ages, races and professions the opportunity to play in a musical organization. Even while doing this, the musicality of the group is improving year after year, perhaps through the addition of so many new, young musicians or a new generation of conductors.

Our bands (Parade Band, Concert Band, Salt City Jazz Orchestra, Big Band Explosion, Dixieland Combo, Jazz Combo, Brass Quintet and Woodwind combo) are available to play for your event. 

It is the band's goal to bring high quality instrumental music and inspiration to the residents of Hutchinson and to provide greater opportunities for people of all ages to participate in a community band. Please attend a concert or join us as a musician!